Decision-making in geriatric medicine is often a complex process that needs to take into consideration an array of different factors.

Vilja Care is a software company that is focused on enabling the best possible care for geriatric patients by optimizing geriatric care decisions through data analysis, process management, machine learning and AI. Our platform, Vilja, provides doctors and nurses with a unique tool facilitating clinical decision making and improving the quality of life of patients.

Focus on quality of life, respecting the will of the patient

Vilja Care

Geriatric medicine is concerned with the medical care of the frail older person and aims at promoting of better health in old age. We consider new data processing technologies a huge opportunity to improve geriatric care processes world-wide.

The founders of Vilja Care have a profound clinical experience and knowledge in the field of geriatrics. Providing the best possible care for elderly patients has been our mission for more than a decade.